Wednesday, July 16, 2008

White Takes Aim at High Gas Prices.

Escalating gas prices have candidates in both parties proposing their own long- term energy plans. Republican Congressional Candidate Darren White says he agrees alternative solutions need to be well funded and developed, so America can ween itself off foreign oil, but he says we need a short term plan today.

White told us in this AUDIO INTERVIEW that the country, which uses two million barrels a day, needs to end its addiction to oil.

"Washington has failed us again," White said. "While working families have been forced to make tough choices, filling up the gas tank or cutting back at the grocery store, politicians, of both parties, are failing to solve the problem."

On Wednesday afternoon, White unveiled seven energy provisions he's backing.

Criticizing his own party, White said, "We can't adopt the partisan Republican version that resists all regulation of oil companies and speculators and doesn't invest in alternative sources." White also said, "Now is not the time for partisanship or extreme ideology. Now is the time to do what is right."

He says his plan's provisions will ease "the pain at the pump that New Mexicans are facing everyday."

Last week Tom Udall and Martin Heinrich talked to us about the impact of rising gas prices. Udall's told us here that "the country can't drill it's way out of the problem," and Martin Heinrich told us here he'd like to see an Apollo-type program initiated to alternative sources to reduce the country's energy dependence."

Supporters, and driver's filling up their tanks, were encouraged to sign their names to a "Its Gas Prices Stupid!" banner that will be sent to Congress. White hopes it reminds Washington lawmakers that price is the number one issue on their minds. The campaign's website also has an online petition for New Mexicans to sign here.

Key provisions in the first-time Federal candidate's energy program include finding the next generation of energy sources, expanding the use of clean energy sources, including nuclear power, increasing the production of American-made energy, brining modern oil refineries on line to increase supply, encouraging conservation, and increasing fuel efficiency standards.


White took a few extra moment's to tell us in this AUDIO INTERVIEW that he hasn't seen the civil rights violation lawsuit by retired four-time Indy 500 Car Winner Al Unser Sr in which he's named as a defendent.

White, in the AUDIO INTERVIEW, agreed there were missteps made in the UNM Lobo Coach Steve Alford fund raiser invitation for last night's event. White says his campaign has cleared the matter up...

Photos Courtesy of White Campaign

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