Tuesday, July 15, 2008

McCain: I Will Inspire A Generation

Arizona Senator John McCain spent a little more than 71 minutes talking with 475 guests at his Town Hall Meeting in Albuquerque.

Here's a link to the full AUDIO transcript.

Before the Town Hall meeting, the all but certain nominee, hosted a breakfast round table for local leaders and minority business owners at the Barelas Coffee Shop.

Before the breakfast I spoke with 9-year-old Zeke Gonzales about why he's supporting McCain.

You have to listen to Zeke articulate his views on the 2008 Presidential race in this STORY.

McCain talked about the war, national security, gas prices, offshore drilling, the economy, and Los Alamos Lab's key role in the his Lexington Project, affordable college tuition. taxes, small business, health care, the GI and Farm Bill, Earmarks, Supreme Court decisions and choices, border security, and the differences he has with Sen. Barack Obama.

He also told the crowd what he's looking for in a running mate and introduced U.S. Senate Candidate Steve Pearce, who spoke for less than a minute.

Photo: MG Bralley

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