Friday, July 18, 2008

Heinrich Blames Bush for Job Losses in New Mexico

On Friday, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reported the unemployment rate in New Mexico just went up for the third straight month. In fact, 1000 jobs were lost in June alone.

We caught up with Congressional Candidate Martin Heinrich (D) and U.S. House Majority Whip James Clyburn at a Faith & Politics prayer breakfast at God’s House Church.

Heinrich blames the job losses on the current administration. He says George Bush's economic policies are responsible for the failing economic conditions.

Heinrich told us in this AUDIO INTERVIEW that he wants to get serious about developing the energy economy because he believes jobs in the solar power industry, like the one's at Mesa Del Sol's Schott Solar, will create new jobs for New Mexicans. He also says if elected he’ll look at trade policies.

Speaking of energy, I asked him where he gets his energy for the long days of campaigning, and he told me his kids are an incredible source of renewable energy.

Heinrich’s guest at the breakfast was Congressman James Clyburn -South Carolina (D). Clyburn said he's "committed to engaging the faith community in an effort to establish a broad coalition to address issues in New Mexico."

Clyburn also told us in this AUDIO INTERVIEW that President George Bush’s compassionate conservatism and faith based programs didn’t work.

Clyburn says progressives don’t want to just show compassion, they want to demonstrate it with their works.

The senior congressman said he’s concerned about the loss of jobs here, and nationwide. He says he wants to expand his innovative STEM program, look at ways to stimulate job creation, and he says the country can’t drill its way out of the current energy crisis.

The powerful former Black Congressional Caucus Chairman, says a permit has been granted to Duke Power, in his home state of South Carolina, to construct a new nuclear power plant. It will be the first in 40 years. He believes New Mexico residents are nuclear tolerant and should consider a power plant in its energy mix.

NM Politics Writer Heath Haussamen reports on State Auditor Hector Baldera's reaction to the unemployment numbers on his blog, NM Politics.Net Balderas touted Barack Obama's economic plan on Friday morning.

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