Thursday, June 12, 2008

The Word Is: Gary Mitchell Says Astorga Right's Violated!

Criminal defense attorney Gary Mitchell has been practicing law since 1976. The state of New Mexico has contracted with him to defend several high profile death penalty cases. His latest client is Michael Paul Astorga.
The 32-year old is charged with the shooting death of Sheriff's Deputy James McGrane.
Mitchell says death qualified jurors are more likely to convict defendents and is asking the state's Supreme Court to rule the penalty unconstitutional.
Now's he's asking a judge to toss the murder charges because he claims his client's 6th amendment rights are being violated.

In this exclusive AUDIO INTERVIEW Mitchell says Astoraga has the same rights to effective legal counsel as any other prisoner in custody.


D.Gorrell said...

I'm late reading this and even more disgusted than I was before I read it. I listened to the interview. It's so sad to hear how the death of McGrane is so minimized by Mitchell.
His hope is to drag this on and on without any concern for the person who's civil rights were really violated.
Doesn't anyone find it strange that Astorga's civil rights didn't begin to be violated until just before the court hearings?
He ignored the comment regarding being detained do to parole violations. He disregarded it by saying "that is over".
How gullible are the judicial members of this community?
Not me!
The ACLU should have stood by the McGrane family and used their misguided power to bring justice to this family.
If Astorga is innocent and Gary Mitchell has so much evidence to prove it then why has he allowed this to go on and on. Instead, shouldn't he have presented his evidence in a court of law and his client would have been free over 2 years ago! I would think Astorga would be really angry with Mitchell for keeping him in such terrible conditions in prison.

criminal injustice said...

Gary Mitchell stated that Astorga’s sixth amendment was violated. You’re fu**ed up Gary. You were my attorney and my sixth amendment was violated with ineffective assistance. Gary is a money hungry SOB! I hope he slips and falls and breaks his sorry ass.