Thursday, January 7, 2010

Pete Domenici Jr considering run for governor

Pete Domenici Jr. — the 50- year-old son of retired U.S. Sen. Pete Domenici — is seriously considering running for governor, the Albuquerque Journal is reporting.

Domenici, who like his father is a Republican, has been “contemplating a run since before the holiday season,” the Journal article states.

“I’m looking very seriously at it,” the Journal quoted him as saying. “I’m going to make my decision in a few days.”

Domenici Jr., an environmental and natural resources lawyer in Albuquerque, would become the fifth Republican in the 2010 race.

The paper reports Domenici Jr, who has not run for political office before, does not have a campaign exploratory committe and has not rasied any money for the possible race.

If he decides to run he'll face Albuquerque business owners Allen Weh and Doug Turner, state Rep. Janice Arnold-Jones, and Doña Ana CountyDistrict Attorney Susana Martinez.

The state GOP pre-primary nominating convention is scheduled for March 13th, at the Albuquerque Hilton. Candidate's have get 20 percent of the delegates vote for an automatic ballot position.

Democrat Lt. Governor Diane Denish is running unopposed in her party's primary.

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