Friday, January 15, 2010

Audio: Governor pushing for consensus legislation

New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson works the phones ahead of the the 2010 Legislature. (Photo: Peter St. Cyr)

Earlier this week we were invited to visit with Gov. Bill Richardson, in his fourth floor office at the Roundhouse in Santa Fe, for an exclusive radio interview.

We found him relaxed, but confident. In fact, the governor, who is in the last year of his eight year administration, insists he still has the political capital he needs to push his legislative agenda during upcoming 30-day legislative session.

He refuses to be considered a lame duck and reminded lawmakers he still has "a veto pen," and the support of his constituents.

We've been broadcasting portions of the interview on 770KKOB since Tuesday and have included segments which feature our conversation about his budget proposal, temporary taxes, spending cuts, education budgets, double dipping, a plan to replenish the state's cash reserves and capitol budget cuts.

Richardson told us his budget-balancing proposal has sensible cuts and won't stop the progress his administration has made over the last seven years. He doesn't want any tax increases to come on the backs of hard working New Mexicans or impact public school classrooms.

At the end of our visit, Richardson even made a voluntary confession. You might guess what it is about...but to hear his admission, you'll have to listen to the complete interview here, or touch the play button on the bar below.

Plan to listen to the final segment scheduled for Monday on 770KKOB at 8:40 am.

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