Monday, December 14, 2009

Denish releases new campaign video

"Our New Mexico," Diane Denish's latest 2010 gubernatorial campaign video was released on Sunday night -- after being previewed at an Albuquerque North Valley ward meeting on Saturday afternoon.

In the 3.5 minute video, she talks about her rural roots, the state's cultural diversity and natural resources, the need to "get out of Santa Fe" and be more accessible to all New Mexicans, and her record generating small business loans for over 1600 local companies.

Denish pledges, "to be bold in our thinking, wise in our spending, courageous in our action -- that's how we'll build our economy, grow new businesses, create jobs, and deliver the better schools and safer communities our kids and families deserve."

She also talks about her record of releasing campaign finance reports, which include list of political contributors, more often than state law requires and her plan to give taxpayers the opportunity to review state contracts online.

Denish hopes to win next year so she can preside over the state's 100th anniversary of statehood and in the video she says she hopes, "our second century can be as great as our first."

Denish, who does not have a Democrat primary challenger, does have $2 million dollars in her campaign treasury, which makes it a whole lot easier to generate high quality and well produced videos to brand Denish's campaign and establish themed messages early in the election season.

Four Republicans, businessmen Allen Weh and Doug Turner, Doña Ana County District Attorney Susana Martinez, and State Representative Janice Arnold-Jones, are campaigning for the GOP nomination.

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