Friday, December 18, 2009

Arnold-Jones criticizes governor's timing

Photo: MG Bralley
Republican candidate for Governor, State Representative Janice Arnold-Jones said today that Governor Bill Richardson’s calls for ethics reform are too little too late.

“I find it interesting that Governor Richardson has chosen this legislative session to finally make the claim that he wants ethics reform within our government,” Arnold-Jones said. “Given the fact that in this legislative session we, as legislators, are tasked with plugging the budget holes that were created in large part because of what appears to be an ethically challenged administration, this announcement appears to be designed to deflect attention from an estimated budget shortfall of $650 million.”

“I’ve served in the legislature every day of Richardson’s tenure. Ethics reform was far from the top of his administration’s list,” Arnold-Jones added.

'Ethical behavior is a mindset '

"Principled leadership is imperative and trumps any commission” Arnold-Jones stated. “ Crime, corruption and ethical lapses can only be overcome by learning the proper values, morals and ethical behaviors. As Governor, I will bring a model for governance with clear expectations that will transform government into a public trust from the top down. I will begin that process the day after my election!”

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