Thursday, November 19, 2009

Video: Attorney General King, 'I'll miss his advice'

'He'd be tickled. He and President Clinton were good friends. They fought a lot of political battles together' -- NM Attorney General Gary King.

Former President Clinton will attend services

New Mexico Attorney General Gary King confirmed that the former President Bill Clinton will attend the funeral of his father, former three-term Gov. Bruce King on Saturday inside the Moriarty High School gym at 10am.

"The Clintons have certainly said that they developed a lot of their campaign style -- a lot of their philosophy of how policy should be approached -- by watching my father and my mother," King said. "We are very touched that President Clinton wants to come."

King, who is still recovering from neck surgery, is still wearing a neck brace, and says that being raised on a farm helped prepare him for his parents deaths -- former First Lady Alice King died last December.

"He sort of taught me to be philosophical about this," King said. "I think those of us who grew up on farms and ranches are more comfortable with life and death, because you see a lot of it, I think, growing up on a ranch. We know that it's a part of the natural cycle of life. In actuality we miss him sorely."

Picking up the slack

King revealed that he use to call his father at home for advice whenever things are "rough" at the office and for political advice. Now he says he feels like he'll have to pick up the slack and continue the family philosophy of public service.

"I think that there's still a lot of things that need to be done for children in New Mexico," King said. "I think that there is a lot of things to be done, you know, to make New Mexico the place he thought it should be, and I suspect that I will give some speeches as we go through that encourage a lot of other people to adopt that philosophy of focusing on what's the best for the people of the state of New Mexico and let's get together and get that done."

Funeral Arrangements

Flags continue to fly at half staff around the state and the former governor's body will lie in state on Friday at the Roundhouse in Santa Fe.

King said his father's wishes were for a simple service "without a lot of speeches and eulogies," but they are going to make an exception and let the former President, who became Governor of Arkansas during King's second term, say a few words. He also does not want pictures taken of the family during the service or burial.

"Not everyone in the family -- the nieces, nephews, and grand kids -- they didn't all sign up for public service," King said.

Security has been tightened but the public is still invited to the funeral. Parking is expected to be very limited near the high school.

King's burial in the Estancia Valley will follow the funeral service.

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