Sunday, November 15, 2009

Powell launches campaign for State Land Commissioner

Powell wants Oil and Gas Industry to pay their fair share of royalties.
(Photo: Peter St. Cyr)

Democrat Ray Powell, who served in the office from 1993-2002, formally launched his campaign for State Land Commissioner on Saturday in Albuquerque. He's calling for green-energy job creation and economic development, land conservation, and ethics reform within the State Land Office.

He said he wants to bring back his team and is looking for creative options to maximize the value of the state's lands, create jobs, and build a new energy economy while providing ethical leadership.

"As a candidate for State Land Commissioner, I bring a record of ethical leadership," Powell says. "I have worked to create thousands of new jobs for New Mexicans. I have a track record of generating more money for our schools and a proven commitment to healing and protecting our state lands. I’m eager to return to the State Land Office where there’s much to be done!"

In this video, Powell cautions against ideas to tap the state's permanent fund to help offset the state's current budget shortfalls

Powell faces three other Democrats including Santa Fe Commissioners Harry Montoya and Mike Anaya and PRC Commissioner Sandy Jones in the state's primary election. On the Republican side, GOP activist Bob Cornelius and retired law-enforcement agent Errol Chavez are running. They’re all battling to replace the GOP’s Pat Lyons, the current land commissioner who is term limited from seeking re-election.

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