Wednesday, September 9, 2009

It's "Success" for Mayor Marty Chávez, or is it?

A 5-minute campaign video featuring three-term mayor Mayor Marty Chávez has disappeared from his campaign website.


Well, it has to do with this one little word: Successful.

Yesterday, another political blogger criticized the mayor for using the word, "successful" on of his videos to persuade voters to give him an unprecedented fourth term. The blogger said Chávez' on camera claim, "I remain the most successful mayor in Albuquerque's history," was a little over the top.

After the original post, the mayor's staff said that's not what the mayor said. They say he said he used another word: Accessible.

Perhaps Mayor Chávez doesn't want to appear to be tooting his own horn with less than a month until election day. His campaign spokesperson Joan Griffin told us "the word in the script was accessible, not successful."

We're blogging the story, because after all, our blog is called, "What's the Word?"

So....exactly what word did Chávez say, "most successful, or most accessible?"

To find out, 770KKOB Mornings show host Bob Clark and I retrieved the original video from You-Tube. We had to search online because it had already been removed from both Chávez' website and the local political analysts' page.

After careful review, listening to the "word" over and over, it appears to us the Mayor wanted site visitors and supporters to believe he's "the most successful mayor in Albuquerque's history."

Ahh...You can listen to Clark's segment and determine what Chávez said for yourself here.

We'll leave it up to you to determine exactly, "What's the Word?"

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