Friday, September 11, 2009

Election Poll: Charter Amendments and Transpo Tax

In May, the City Charter Task Force, which had been commissioned two years ago, to examine several provisions in the original 1974 charter, issued their final report.

Then, in June, Mayor Marty Chavez vetoed the propositions, saying it was an "end-run around a public vote on the issue of pay raises for elected officials, failed to strengthen the conflict of interest provisions of the City Charter for the legislative branch, and weakened the executive branch in favor of the legislative branch."

In August, after summer recess, city councilors unanimously over-rode the veto. Instead they sent all ten propositions the voters to decide in next month's municipal election.

The Charter Task Force recommended several several key changes, including making the City Attorney and City Clerk more independent of the mayor, and creating a 5-member Citizen's Independent Salary Commission panel, which could approve a raise for city councilors, and the mayor, without tax payer approval.

Well, one tax voters will have their voice heard on is the renewal of the 10-year old one-quarter of one cent transportation tax. Since 1999, the money raised by the tax has been used to repair and maintain roads and fund much of the city's bus system, but it expires at the end of the year.

On Sunday, we began polling on the mayor and city council races. It is continuing here. Today we are polling the level of public support for the charter amendments and the transportation tax.

Do you support the 10 Charter Amendment Propositions?

Do you support renewing the transportation tax for 10 years?

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