Tuesday, August 25, 2009

School Changing Name to Honor Alice King

The APS Board of Education's Policy Committee voted this morning to allow the North Albuquerque Cooperative Community Charter School to change its name to the Alice King Community School.

King, was the wife of three-term governor Bruce King, died last December at the age of 78 after dedicated most of her public service life as an advocate for the state's children.

In December, Attorney General Gary King told Kate Nash at the SF New Mexican, "She cared about all the other kids in New Mexico. She spent most of her time and energy working to improve kids' lives in New Mexico."

King, who was a major supporter of the Carrie Tingley Children's Hospital, was chairwoman of the New Mexico Children's Trust Fund. She is also credited with creating the state's Children, Youth and Families Department.

"No one could have cared more for all New Mexico children and all of our citizens," King told Nash.

Nash wrote in her tribute article to King that the former first lady "forged her own role in the governor's office man sion and gave new Mexico a fresh focus on families.

for Pete's Sake - I remember Mrs. King. When I was in elementary school in Albuquerque we went on a field trip to the state capitol and then the governor's mansion. It was my first time to Santa Fe and I remember her personally scooping ice cream and giving us all ice cream cones.

Her personal touch is remembered and appreciated. Now her name will be a living legacy for many school kids for decades to come.

[hap tip Ched MacQuigg, Diogenes' Six]

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