Monday, August 24, 2009

Radio Ad Encourages Senator Bingaman to Stick with Public Option Support

On Monday, ahead of the New Mexico First Healthcare Town Hall forum at the Albuquerque Convention Center, which features Senator Jeff Bingaman, the Center for Civic Policy released a radio ad that highlights Bingaman’s critical role in the ongoing debate about healthcare reform.

The group said their buying the ad time because of Bingaman's influential role on the “gang of six” which is working on a bipartisan proposal in the Senate Finance Committee.

Editor's Note: The release does not say how much money is being budgeted for the buy, nor does the release indicate what stations or markets the ad is being aired in.

From a News Release:

A strong public option would provide a competitive alternative to private insurance, giving New Mexicans a choice in their health care coverage. Currently, insurance companies are negotiating for a provision that would replace the public option with a cooperative proposal. However, co-ops would not have the power to negotiate lower prices for consumers, and therefore would not be able to compete with their larger, private insurance counterparts.

“We appreciate Senator Bingaman’s support for the public option. We want to make sure he continues to negotiate on behalf of New Mexicans who are sick and tired of rising health insurance premiums,” said Matt Brix, Policy Director at the Center for Civic Policy.

Brix added, “Over the last decade, premiums have increased by over 100%. Now is not the time to cave in to the demands of health insurance industry.”

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