Monday, August 31, 2009

Colón: Today, The Journey Begins

Democrat Brian Colón introduced his mother-in-law to nearly 500 of his friends at a campaign celebration and fundraising kickoff at the Hotel Albuquerque on Monday night.

I'm betting she was pretty proud, especially considering each friend contributed a minium of $100 to hear the 39-year-old former party chairman deliver an inspired speech about why he wants to be the state's next Lieutenant Governor.

Colón told the crowd that from a very early age, "I have felt the call to service. Today, the journey begins."

Colón, recorded on our Flip Camera, talked about education,
labor, healthcare, energy, and jobs during an address to supporters.

Colón, who has a campagin website here, has not said when he will "officially" announce, but it is apparent that he's taken a lead in fundraising. He'll need the money to compete with the eight other people running for the position. He faces.....ah you know the challenger's list.

The question a few people were asking at the party remains unanswered tonight: What if Governor Bill Richardson gets appointed by President Barack Obama to head the World Bank or accepts an ambassadorship and leaves the state, then who would then-Governor Diane Denish appoint to replace her?

One Democrat in the crowd told us as we prepared to leave, "If her [Denish's] team was here tonight, and shares notes about Brian's passionate speech, then she may be able to make an easy decision."

At the end of the night, Colón, who is known as the "gentleman leader" didn't forget his manners. His staff handed out "Thank You" notes to each guest as they left.

To hear all of Colón's remarks click the play button below or listen to the audiocast we recorded.

For more event photos and analysis visit Barbara Wold and M.E. Broderick's Democracy for New Mexico blog.

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