Monday, August 31, 2009

Attorney General's Top 10 List of Consumer Complaints

Probably no surprise here. Auto Dealers top the New Mexico Attorney's Generals Top 10 List of consumer complaints.

Today, Attorney General Gary K. King's Consumer Protection Division released New Mexico's Top 10 Consumer Complaints for fiscal year 2008.

1. Auto Sales
2. Contests/Sweepstakes/Prize Promotion
3. Retail Sales
4. Home Repair/Construction
5. Debt Collection
6. Telemarketing Communications/Slamming/Cramming
7. Auto Repair
8. Credit Cards
9. Satellite TV Sales and Service
10. Travel

The National Top 10 Consumer Complaint list was also released today by the National Association of Attorneys General.

1. Debt Collection
2. Auto Sales
3. Home Repair/Construction
4. Credit Cards (tie)
4. Internet Goods and Services (tie)
6. Predatory Lending/Mortgages
7. Telemarketing/Do-Not-Call
8. Auto Repair
10. Auto Warranties (tie)
10. Telecom/Slamming/Cramming (tie)

The AG's Consumer Protection Division Director Karen Meyers said, "We have seen a 22% increase over last fiscal year in consumer calls reporting potential deceptive or unfair trade practices. At a time when more families face an increasing struggle to make ends meet, it is extremely important that the Attorney General's Office maintain the level of consumer protection needed to keep New Mexicans from becoming victims of dishonest business practices."

AG King's Consumer Protection Division has offices in Santa Fe, Las Cruces and Albuquerque. Walk-in hours are 10:00 am-3:00 pm, Monday through Friday. Consumers can make appointments and ask questions by calling 1-800-678-1508. Complaint forms are available at each office and on the AG's website.

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