Thursday, June 25, 2009

Violent MS 13 Gang Leader Busted in Los Angeles.

While police in Albuquerque try to find a third suspect in Saturday’s deadly MS 13 gang robbery at Denny’s, we are learning the leader of the Los Angeles based gang has been busted.

37-year-old Alex Sanchez was rounded up in a gang crackdown in the Southland on Wednesday.

Sanchez, ironically has been hiding in plain site of authorities for years.
He founded the anti-gang program Homies Unidos, but is now being accused by the Feds of being involved with the Mara Salvatrucha (MS-13) gang the entire time.

Sanchez has been a role model, for kids, in the Los Angeles area for years. His non-profit’s mission – to keep kids out of gangs. Sanchez, convinced people that he'd left the violent street gang to rescue, or as it appears now, recruit, kids.

Police say Sanchez even conspired to murder LA Detective Frank Flores who spent the last decade investigating the gang’s activities.

He faces Federal racketeering charges, including murder and narcotics.

This morning, our Albuquerque police sources, told us another restaurant was stormed by three armed men after 11pm last night. The robbers forced workers at the Sonic Drive-In, on Menaul near Carlisle, to open a vault. The men reportedly stole money from the worker's and drove in a small white car with a blue racing stripe.

Yesterday, Albuquerque Police gave us a copy of an arrest warrant. They are charging 30-year old Mario Burgos-Rosales with harboring a fugitive. Police say they suspect him and Jose Melgar of driving Francisco Melgar to Arizona and then paying another man to take the fleeing murder suspect into Mexico. Melgar's brother Jose was not arrested.

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