Monday, June 22, 2009

Denny's Homicide Suspects Linked to Deadly Gang

Gang detectives with A-P-D believe one of the two suspects in jail after Saturday's deadly robbery at Denny's may be a member of one of the world's most dangerous gangs.

When police caught up with 32-year-old Pablo Ortiz shortly after the killing they noticed he had El Salvador's country code, 503, shaved into his hair. The Albuquerque Journal reports it's a gang sign for MS-13, which stands for Mara Salvatrucha.

The F.B.I. believes 10,000 gang soliders are marking their territory in 33 states and Canada.

We found this 52-minute video online. Journalist Lisa Ling has been following the gang's bloody path and posted this documentary on Google Video.

There is no indication that the second man being held in connection with the shooting, 22-year-old Marvin Lopez-Aguilar, is a member of the gang.

Each man is being held without bail on murder, robbery, kidnapping, and child abuse charges at the Bernalillo County Metro Detention Center. Police continue to look for at least one more suspect.

The female victim, a cook at Denny's, has still not been identified.

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Sal Valdez said...

MS-13 started in Los Angeles, California. Check your facts.

Peter St. Cyr said...

No where in the post did I say where MS 13 started. Thanks for adding your comment about where it started. Now we need to figure a way to eradicate it like we do virus in sick people.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Valdez: Sorry, but your information about MS-13 starting in LA is incorrect, it originated in El Salvador. As the NM Independent story itself reads, an MS-13 gang member had the area code for El Salvador cut into his hair. Immigrants from El Salvador brought the gang to America, and this gang is brutal.