Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Republican Weh "Encouraged" by Unscientific Poll

Republican Allen Weh, who we reported formed an exploratory committee on May 5th, is considering running for his party's nomination for governor next year, says he's encouraged by a "non scientific" poll conducted by blogger Heath Haussamen online.

That poll, which can be seeded by supporters voting multiple times, showed the Albuquerque businessman is the preferred GOP nominee for governor in 2010.

Haussamen reported, out of about 440 people who voted in the online poll at Haussamen.Blogspot.com, 28 percent said they prefer Weh over any other potential candidate. Voters had seven options to choose from in the poll, which showed Weh in first place. The results were released Monday.

I guess polls like this work for American Idol. But, then again the real talent in this year's show Adam Lambert lost to what's that guy's name...someone from Arkansas I think.

Weh said that even though the online poll is unscientific, the results are encouraging.
I’m thankful people took the time to participate,” Weh said. “The results reveal that New Mexicans believe I’m the strongest candidate to take on Diane Denish in 2010. They’re tired of the corruption, and they’re tired of being ignored. It’s time to get state government back to business.

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