Sunday, May 31, 2009

Senate Majority Leader Sanchez Considers Run for Governor

On Sunday morning, NM Senate Majority Leader Michael Sanchez used his FaceBook page to formally tell his friends that he's decided to set up an exploratory committee and is still considering running for governor in 2010.

The 58-year old Sanchez wrote:
Michael S. Sanchez has formed an exploratory committee and is still contemplating a run for governor.
In April, at Fire Station #1 in downtown Albuquerque, during a bill signing with the Governor, Sanchez told me he would be considering the run, and told me he would likely adopt the new political campaign donation limits, which roll out 2011, for his run this year, but that would seriously put him at a disadvantage to fellow democrat, Lieutenant Governor Diane Denish, who has already raised several million dollars.

Most candidates use the exploratory committee to determine if they can collect enough money to fund a primary campaign. Sanchez has been considering running for months.

Last fall, in August, Sanchez, a four-term state senator from Belen told the New Mexico Independent:
At this point, I’ve been approached and asked to consider it and I’m considering it. “I wouldn’t be considering it unless I thought I could do a good job,” Sanchez said. “I think I would make a good governor.
Actor Val Kilmer, has also expressed interest in the race, but after disparaging remarks he made about Viet Nam Veterans surfaced he's been downplaying his interest, while still making the political rounds.

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