Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Denish Unveils Virtual Campaign Headquarters

Lieutenant Governor Diane Denish announced she's unveiling a new 2010 campaign website at

Denish said:
This site will be our virtual campaign headquarters, where we can share information about the campaign, discuss policy ideas, organize volunteers, raise money, and more. I hope you will take a few moments to explore the site, and urge your friends to do the same.
In a campaign email Denish said her campaign will focus on issues she's worked a lifetime on, including:
Protecting the jobs of today and creating the jobs of tomorrow. Investing in education at all levels in order to ensure that New Mexico's workers have the education and training to attract next generation jobs. Making quality health care more affordable. Ensuring that our communities are safe. And always striving to make our state government reflect the honesty and character of our people.
Last week, former GOP Party Chairman Allen Weh, who's exploring running for Governor in the Republican primary, launched a bilingual website,; and Greg Zanetti, the only declared Republican Candidate for Governor, is recruiting donors and delivering his campaign message at

And, speaking of the wired world, Governor Bill Richardson has a new Facebook page for his supporters here.


After our original post, former NM GOP Party Chairman Allen Weh, who's touring the state, announced he'll be using a new Twitter account at to update his supporters while he's on the road, exploring his options for the 2010 Governor's race.
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