Saturday, April 4, 2009

Governor Vetoes Criminal Records Bill.

Last week we blogged about the ABQ Chamber of Commerce's push to urge Governor Bill Richardson to veto a bill that would have allowed certain people convicted of a crime to ask the courts to erase that conviction from the public record.

Today he did.

"While legislators deserve credit for attempting to appease critics of the bill, I'm still not comfortable with the final result," said Governor Richardson after vetoing Senate Bill 649.

"I was especially troubled with the fact that many employers would have no way of knowing the full scope of the criminal background of potential employees," Governor Richardson said. "A company, for example, could unknowingly hire a driver with a history of DWI charges, but no convictions because of plea bargains or dismissals.

"We have made great strides in protecting public safety by increasing penalties for DWI and domestic violence. This bill would be a step backward for those efforts."

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