Thursday, November 13, 2008

Rio Arriba Politico Naranjo Dies at 92

From a friend at UNM

The Rio Grande Sun is reporting: longtime Rio Arriba County political boss Emilio Naranjo, 92, died Thursday morning.

Naranjo’s daughter Margarita Naranjo confirmed that Naranjo died in Albuquerque. A funeral will be held in EspaƱola, but specific arrangements have not yet been made, she said.

A family member wishing to remain anonymous said Emilio Naranjo died in his sleep at the home of his youngest son, Raul. Naranjo was where he wanted to be, the family member said.

Emilio Naranjo had been doing fine on Wednesday, but had suffered from heart problems, the family member said.

EspaƱola School Board President Joe Romero, a friend and political ally of Naranjo, said Naranjo’s son-in-law, Kenneth Salazar, called him this morning with the news.

“Kenneth Salazar called this morning, he told me, ‘My father-in-law died last night very peacefully,’” Romero said. “I’m assuming he died at home. I know there was somebody there with him 24/7, relatives were taking care of him.”

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