Sunday, November 9, 2008

President-Elect Obama Delivers 1st Radio Address

If you're like me you took the weekend off of politics, expect maybe to watch Meet the Press on NBC, like we do every Sunday morning, or to check out the post election show on KNME where I appeared as a guest panelist on New Mexico In Focus: The Line.

If you caught up on chores and spent leisure time visiting with friends, and family, after a long campaign season, then you might have missed President-Elect Barack Obama's first national radio address since being elected last Tuesday.

You definitely want to listen to it here.

I found the transcript on the DNC's website here.

Stay tuned, on Monday we'll post our exclusive interview with State Treasurer James B. Lewis. He's savoring Obama's victory and thinking about how far African American's have come since the civil right's movement.

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