Saturday, August 23, 2008

Biden Really Wants to be in the Executive Branch!

U.S. Senator John McCain's presidential campaign today released its latest television ad, entitled "Biden."

As the ad highlights, before he was selected to run on the Democratic ticket, Sen. Joe Biden questioned Barack Obama's lack of experience. Earlier in the presidential race Biden told Comedy Central host Jon Stewart that he'd be honored to run with or against McCain!

The ad will air in key battleground states. It's unclear if it's scheduled to run in New Mexico.

New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson who was on the short list for Vice President is taking the high road. Perhaps with Biden in the number two position he'll have a better chance at being appointed Secretary of State, a job he's said he'd love to have.

Richardson says he likes Obama's pick for Vice President:

"Joe Biden brings seasoned judgment, foreign policy expertise, and a great sense of humor to the ticket. Joe has paid his dues as a public servant and the Vice Presidential spot is a deserved capstone to a great career. Barack Obama has shown solid judgment by selecting Joe Biden as his running mate. Joe is someone that Senator Obama and our country can trust."

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