Tuesday, August 19, 2008

New Audio Player.

We're introducing a new audio player on the site before we head to Denver for the Dems convention. We searched high and low for it. Now we've found the one we like.

We're really pleased the player offers a time track feature. Now, if you can't listen to a complete audio file in one setting, just mark the time spot on the track, and comeback to the post when you have more time. When you restart the file just move the cursor to the exact spot you stopped at earlier.

So now, we just have to learn to operate the new web-friendly digital camera, shipped to us from New York, before we make the trek north to Colorado.


Benson said...

Odeo, that's a good choice for your online content. I met them at the New Media Expo last week, they're a bunch of good guys and they have a lot of good plans for the near future.

You ought to check out next year's NME! It's the conference to go to for netcasters, lots of good connections with presenters and businesses.

Peter St. Cyr said...

Thanks for the tip and the conference lead Benson. I'll check the NME out for sure.