Sunday, July 27, 2008

Nationally Renowned Columnist Gives Birth!

No, not to a baby, but to a brand new spiffy website!

Diane Dimond, a Highland High School graduate, and long time journalist is writing, anchoring and on the investigative trail. Criminals watch your step.

Dimond has been a columnist for the ABQ Journal since April, and was recently syndicated by the Huffington Post. She's also been mentoring me. Hopefully, my listeners and readers are noticing some improvements. Note: I'm not asking compound questions anymore because of her great tips.

She's also helping criminal justice students at Albuquerque's ITT school. Listen to this AUDIO of her spring time lecture at the school. She shared background, with the students, on her first big Albuquerque story about corruption in Bernalillo County Sheriff Joe Wilson's administration. She also reveals great background information on other big national stories she's covered including the Michael Kennedy rape case and other famous court cases. Listen to the lecture to hear about her interesting career journey through Washington, D.C., Hollywood, and New York.

On Monday she'll fill in for Nancy Grace on CNN Headline News, so check her out at 6pm Mountain Time. Also look for her column every Saturday in the Albuquerque Journal.

Also take time to check out her new "spiffy" website here. Also review her book, Be Careful Who You Love, about pop star Michael Jackson and the two molestation cases she reported first here.

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