Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Madrid: Obama Will Help Heinrich Win CD-1!

DNC Platform Co- Chair Patricia Madrid

Working as an exclusive consultant for a busy Washington, D.C. law firm, attending conferences for state's attorney generals across the country, and preparing to put the final touches on the Democratic Party's National Platform, is keeping Patricia Madrid busy this Summer.
In this AUDIO INTERVIEW (recorded in early July) Madrid talks about her selection as co-chair of the platform committee by Howard Dean, party unification after a long primary battle, diversity, Hillary Clinton, and her long ties to former Presidential Candidate John Edwards.

Madrid reports she'll meet in Pittsburgh to finalize the platform draft on August 9th. It will be adopted in Denver during the national convention the last week of August.

Madrid also goes on the record with us. She believes her campaign in 2006 opened the door for Martin Heinrich to win the CD-1 race this fall and she doesn't rule out another campaign in her future saying, "I'll certainly look at every opportunity."

"The platform process will empower Americans in all 50 states to make their voices heard as they help write the document that embodies our Party’s values and vision for the future.” --Howard Dean

Last Friday, State Democrats met in Albuquerque to discuss positions for the platform. On August 1st, in Cleveland, hundreds of delegates will compile the first draft of the party platform. Then on August 13, in Pittsburgh, Madrid, along with co-chairs Judith McHale, a former cable broadcast executive, and Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick will review and finalize the document.

Republicans are also getting a chance to actively participate in development of their party platform ahead of their national convention in September.

Party faithful are providing input online at GOPPlatform2008.com.

Last weekend NM GOP interim Executive Director Scott Darnell
told me he understands likely nominee John McCain doesn't adhere 100% to the party guide. But, Darnell told me in this AUDIO INTERVIEW that McCain doesn't have to be perfectly aligned with the platform. Darnell says it's the platform, is a set of ideals that most Republicans can coalesce around.

UPDATE: Almost a week after our original post Heather Clark with the AP interviewed Madrid on her role on the platform committee. Read what Madrid said to Clark in the Las Cruces Sun.

Photo Credits: MG Bralley

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