Monday, June 16, 2008

The Word Is: The Price of Freedom is High!

Photo: MG Bralley
Retired Air Force Colonel George E. "Bud" Day spent Saturday in Las Cruces and delivered the keynote address to the state's Republican Party delegates. Day is Presidential Candidate John McCain's former Hanoi Hilton cell mate.

Day told the crowd McCain is the smartest candidate in 100 years and believes he has the integrity to be a great president.

Before speaking to the delegates Day talked to Correspondent Mark Bralley.

In this AUDIO INTERVIEW Day talks about being shot down while certifying a new combat pilot and about spending time with McCain during the Viet Nam War. Later he criticizes House Speaker Nancy Pelosi 's position on the Iraq War and blames speculators and the democratically controlled congress for high gas prices.

Col. Day holds every significant combat award and is the nation's most highly decorated officer, as well as the most decorated since General Douglass MacArthur. We learned more about Day's nearly seventy military decorations and honorable service to the country here.

Tomorrow former Governor Garrey Carruthers talks about ethics reform in the state possibly taking seven to eight years to implement.

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