Thursday, June 19, 2008

The Word Is: Former Governor Coming Out of Political Exile!

Garrey Carrauthers
The former New Mexico Governor says he's speaking out politically again because he's Ed Tinsley's friend, and because he thinks the state's republicans are on a roll this year.

Garrey Carrauthers told correspondent Mark Bralley that voters in New Mexico have a big choice to make when they decide who will replace retiring Sen. Pete Domenici. He says the contrast between Steve Pearce and Tom Udall is big.

In this AUDIO INTERVIEW Carrauthers says he believes ethics reform in the state will take up to seven years. He reminds us that it took twenty years to ban cockfighting in New Mexico.

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Mike Blessing said...

Exactly what type of "ethics reform" is this clown talking about, and why should I expect that any sort of plan passed by the Legislature will actually do what they say it will?

And exactly why is any sort of law banning chickenfighting needed? All that will do is either drive it underground (look at all of the successes that Drug Prohibition has netted) or drive it across the border into Mexico.