Thursday, May 29, 2008

The Word is: Udall Isn't Taking Anything for Granted this Fall!

Rep. Tom Udall is airing commercials and hitting the campaign trail, but hasn't had a chance to defend his record after it was attacked by both Pearce and Wilson during their Tuesday night debate.

I gave him the chance. In this AUDIO INTERVIEW, Udall says he's always been a supporter of both national labs.

Staffers say Udall hasn't watched the first GOP U.S. Senate primary candidate debate yet, but said he was aware of some of the attacks on his voting record by both Rep. Steve Pearce and Heather Wilson.

Udall with his wife Jill standing behind him (left) has a large lead, in public opinion polls, over both of his potential general election opponents. Thursday night, Udall told a crowd, at his Albuquerque headquarters grand opening, that they should not take "anything for granted." He says the State and National Republican party are prepared to use "swift boat" tactics to narrow the public opinion polls.

Udall (a New Mexico Super Delegate) says he'll decide who he'll support in the Democratic presidential race after the June 3rd Primary. He says several issues will influence his decision. First he'll talk to both Sen. Hillary Clinton and Barak Obama about their stand on issues affecting the West and particularly New Mexico. He says he wants to know how they'll deal with poor education, state wide poverty, border security, public lands and water issues.

Udall Photo:
Mark Bralley

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