Saturday, May 31, 2008

Word is: Domenici Calling on Republicans to Vote for Wilson.

Listen to Domenici's endorsement of Rep. Heather Wilson HERE

Deja vu? Wilson triumphantly raises her hands, clasped with Senator Domenici's, after declaring "victory" in a CD-1 special election 10 years ago. Photo by: MG Bralley.

Heather Wilson for Senate Campaign Manager Chris Collins says Senator Pete Domenici is calling Republicans throughout the state this weekend with automated telephone calls, and encouraging them to support Heather Wilson's campaign.

Wilson's team hopes Domenici's endorsement swings a large number of undecided voters their way, especially after they reviewed a poll in Sunday's Albuquerque Journal showing Wilson trailing Re. Steve Pearce by 6 percentage points.

candidates joined Sen. Domenici at the NM Veteran's Memorial Park on Monday to listen
to Presidential Candidate John McCain before back-to-back debates this week.

Wilson's campaign
team, inspired by the endorsement, will put on an all out push to the wire, trying to convince Pearce's supporters to change their minds. They'll also fight to the end to persuade a large percentage of undecided voters to go for Wilson.

The Journal's poll shows nearly 16% of registered republican voters have not made up their mind
s in the senate primary race.

Domenici announced his endorsement late Friday afternoon, just three days before the June 3rd Primary.
Heather Wilson learned of the endorsement through a reporter just prior to the start of the New Mexico Broadcasters Association debate held last night.

The move came after he said he would not make any primary endorsement.

"Senator Domenici wanted to call Republicans throughout the state to let them know why he voted for Heather Wilson for Senate, and to encourage them to do the same. He wanted to personally convey, once again, his desire to see Heather Wilson elected to the United States Senate,” said Collins.

"Having brought her in to politics I have the utmost confidence in her ability to serve New Mexicans and America," Domenici told KOB TV. "I do want to tell all New Mexicans that today I cast my vote for Heather Wilson in the Senate race."

Domenici says he cast his vote for Wilson on Friday.

“I am deeply honored to have earned Senator Domenici’s support,” said Wilson. “Our campaign has great momentum heading into Tuesday’s election and we’re very encouraged.”

In his weekend statement, Domenici says, he hopes primary voters join him in voting for Heather Wilson.

"I voted for Heather Wilson because out of state special interest groups like the Club for Growth are spending hundreds of thousands of dollars unfairly distorting her record and trying to influence this election," Domenici said. "Heather Wilson is exceedingly qualified to fill my shoes in the Senate. She will support our labs, our military bases, our natural resources, and do what’s best for New Mexico."

More than 898,000 voters are eligible to vote on Tuesday. Less than 23% of registered voters cast ballots in the 2006 primary.

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Photos: MG Bralley

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Shaun said...

Robo calls, according to Yale profesor Don Green, "have a perfect record of never working.".

Why do candidates continue to robo call voters when this is nothing less than an invasion of privacy?

Oh right, consultants make money doing them.

These calls are an epidemic and are invading the privacy of All American Voters.

Our members are taking a stand and saying enough is enough at the National Political Do Not Contact Registry at

Here is a quote from a member:

"I find it very frustrating... I tend to get calls at the WORST time. I have a one year old daughter, and it NEVER fails that the phone will ring when I put her down for a nap or for bed. Also my vote is PRIVATE... so who do you think you are calling with a survey to find out who I am voting for!!! Stop calling me."


Shaun Dakin
CEO and Founder