Wednesday, June 8, 2011

GLBT legal issues spotlighted in Pride Week radio ads

Three new Gay Pride Week radio ads, sponsored by gay-friendly law firm Rugge, Rosales & Associates, are putting the focus on legal issues still faced by non-traditional families in New Mexico.

The firm said it hopes the ads raise awareness in the community about couples who are not recognized legally by the state.

“Both Traditional and Same-Sex Families should take steps to ensure that they and their loved ones are protected in the event of illness, death or separation, David Ray Rosales a managing partner at Rugge, Rosales & Associates said.

In one commercial two lesbian mothers discuss their young son and ponder what would happen to them in the event of event of an illness, death or a break-up.
Mother 1: He’s growing up too fast. I just wonder who would take care of him if something ever happened to us.
Mother 2: Since we can’t get married in New Mexico, I don’t know what my rights would be since I’m not legally a stepparent.
Mother 1: And you’re not legally my spouse. What would happen to you if I ended up in the hospital in an emergency situation or if I passed away? What about Jimmy? What about the house, or the business we’ve built? Would you get any benefits?

While New Mexico law prohibits gay marriage and same sex civil unions, Rugge suggests people protect their rights with solid legal planning.

Listen to all three ads:

Bedtime Story

Do You Know
This year’s Albuquerque Gay Pride & Festival begins on Saturday with a parade and later an expo at the New Mexico Expo Center.

Photos @2009 Peter St. Cyr

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