Wednesday, February 2, 2011

DPNM Chairman Gonzales seeks re-election

Gonzales roping
with his horse Bullet

Democrat Party Chairman Javier Gonzales has decided to seek re-election to the post.

He become chairman in 2009 after Brian Colón resigned to run for Lieutenant Governor.

Today, he say’s he ready to put his “blood, sweat, and tears” into the party again for the next two years.

Gonzales, a Santa Fe businessman and New Mexico State Regent, will face Albuquerque attorney Sam Bregman who announced last week. Several other names have surfaced as possible candidates for the post.

Political gossip columnist Joe Monahan blogged this morning about the candidate's party support.
Insiders say Gonzalez has solid support among the county chairs of northern New Mexico and can also count on support from a number of state legislators. The state's congressional delegation is also though be with him as is national Dem chair Tim Kaine.
Several names have also been floated on the Monahan's blog as contendors for the chairmanship, including Lawrence Rael and Joe Campos (both 2010 primary candidates for Lt. Gov), but it's unclear if they'll enter the field now that Gonzales is staying in the race.

Gonzales' news release includes a new seven point plan to help elect party candidates in 2012 and “build a better New Mexico.”

Barbara Wold at Democracy for New Mexico has posted the elements of Gonzales' plan.

Despite election losses in last fall’s general election Gonzales said he’s proud of the work he has done, including raising more than $2 million for the 2010 elections.

“ We stood together and overcame a historic electoral wave, remaining focused and united on what's important -- being a voice for all New Mexicans and assuring a fair and equitable chance at a better future.”

Members of the party's state central committee will cast their votes the last Saturday of April.

Note: We had offered to do a video interview with Gonzales -- similar to our Flipcam interview with Sam Bregman -- but his campaign never called to schedule one. The offer remains open.

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