Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Turner and Arnold-Jones smoked marijuana

A week after Pete Domenici Jr. admitted to “recreational” marijuana and cocaine use decades ago, two more Republican gubernatorial candidates, Doug Turnerand Janice Arnold-Jones, say they also tried marijuana years ago.

“I tried marijuana between high school and college,” Turner said in an e-mail sent via his campaign spokesman, Stephen Dinkel. Turner said he has never used any other illegal drug.

Arnold-Jones, who is on a fundraising trip in New Jersey, told NMPolitics.net today that she tried a marijuana cigarette once, with her boyfriend, in 1972 while she was attending UNM, but said she “didn’t like it.” She also said she bought a pack of cigarettes 30 years ago, but after smoking just nine, decided she didn’t like them either

Republicans Allen Weh and Susana Martinez told NMPolitics.net, through their spokespeople, that they have never smoked marijuana or used any other illegal drug.

Diane Denish, the Democratic candidate for governor, was traveling and did not respond to a question about whether she’s ever tried illegal drugs in time for this posting.


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Peter: The story here is that Doug Turner lied about his illegal drug use. On the Jim Villanuci show last week Turner was asked by Jim "Have you ever used illegal drugs?" Turner replied, "No. I have never used illegal drugs." Please talk to Villanuci. Get the recording. If Turner is the republican nominee the dems will play this denial and confession over and over.