Monday, January 25, 2010

Video: Johnson says GOP win not a mandate

Former New Mexico Gov. Gary Johnson, who has been fueling speculation about a possible run for President in 2012, with the launch of his Our America Initiative, wrapped up his first trip of the year to New Hampshire on Saturday with a keynote address at the Republican Liberty Caucus of New Hampshire forum.

While in the Granite state, Johnson talked with the New Hampshire about taxes and spending and warned GOP officials not get "to get cocky over the election of Scott Brown" to the U.S. Senate from Massachusetts, arguing that voter frustration extends to both parties.

Johnson, who has drawn attention for his stand on ending the "War on Drugs, continues to criticize government officials for "outrageous" spending.

Johnson told the NH he's trying to bring Tea Party and Libertarian activists back into the Republican fold.

In fact, he said he believes "working within the two-party system is a faster and more productive way to shrink the federal government."

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