Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Houston announces bid for sheriff in Bernalillo

Dan Houston, with his wife Betty, on stage at Rio Grande High School.

On Monday, Republican Dan Houston, a former Bernalillo County sheriff's captain and Florida police chief announced his decision to campaign for the sheriff's post himself in 2010.

“My plan for the Sheriff’s Department includes strengthening DWI laws by confiscating vehicles of repeat offenders,” Houston told about 200 people inside the Rio Grande High School gym.

Houston was introduced by Nadine Milford, a Bernalillo County activist who is a leader in the fight against drunk drivers.

“Dan Houston is an honest man with years of law enforcement experience. And I know that he will be tough on drunk drivers,” said Milford.

Milford lost her daughter and three grandchildren in the infamous Gordon House DWI crash on Christmas Eve in 1992.

Houston said he has over 26 years experience in law enforcement, which includes experience on BSCO's SWAT Team, Internal Affairs, Narcotics Unit and Commander of Criminal Investigations. He retired with the rank of Captain and is a former President of the Bernalillo County Sheriff’s Officers’ Association.

Houston also spent 4-years as the Chief of Police of Mary Esther, Florida and from 2006-08 was an Albuquerque Police reserve officer, who worked in the red-light camera program.

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Anonymous said...

Houston was never an APD Officer! Lets be honest folks, he has been out of police work for at least 15 yrs. The Forida Department he worked at in the early 90's had 5 officers and was disbanded back then within a few years of its creation. Nice man I am sure but outdated for this position.

Studbolt said...

Given that a sherriff can't make laws, I don't understand how he could confiscate the cars of repeat offenders.

The fact that he worked on the red light camera program is a big strike against him. Having a private contractor surveil us and then send us arbitrarily huge fines for running red lights is not an improvement to the city.

Last, Dan Houston's Joe Arpaio endorsement reached me using a falsified Caller ID instead of a real number. That's not only pretty irritating, it's against federal law.