Monday, November 9, 2009

Heinrich won't predict Senate action on health care bill

U.S. Rep. Martin Heinrich, who cast his vote for the new House health care reform bill, is back in New Mexico. During the lunch hour, on Monday, he met with doctors, nurses and medical providers at the University of New Mexico Medical school.

While, he won't predict what the U.S. Senate will do with the bill when it moves to the upper chamber, he told reporters that he won a office pool with his staffers -- accurately predicting the measure would get 220 votes on the House floor on Saturday.

Heinrich also talked about how hard it was to get to consensus, what impact the bill will have on Medicare Advantage, and how it may help small businesses and the self employed.

We have two other videos from the news conference that we will post later tonight - so look for the updates and join our video channel on YouTube.

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1 comment:

barbwire said...

Good job, Peter. I'm wondering if anyone asked him about the Stupak amendment and whether he believes it will be deleted in the Senate bill.