Saturday, October 17, 2009

Lewis wants to continue journey as state treasurer

While legislators are in meeting at the Roundhouse in Santa Fe, to fix the budget deficit, New Mexico State Treasurer James B. Lewis was in Albuquerque announcing his re-election bid for a second consecutive term and third overall.

Invoking President John F. Kennedy’s call to service, Lewis told supporters at the Indian Pueblo Cultural Center that he believes it is his duty and responsibility to seek re election during 'turbulent times.'

“I must continue the journey of restoring honesty and integrity in the office of the Treasury,” Lewis said.

During his announcement speech Lewis outlined some of the initiatives he has undertaken the last four years, including implementing and reconciling the state’s news accounting system, called SHARE. After reviewing state investment policies, Lewis said he’s focused on focused on safety, liquidity and yield for state investments, and enhanced the investment policies in his office.

Prior to his current term, Lewis was the Chief Administrative Officer for the City of Albuquerque and in other city, state and county administrative jobs, including serving as Chief of Staff to former Gov. Bruce King.

Lewis served in the office after being appointed by Gov. Toney Anaya in 1985. He subsequently won election and served as treasurer from 1987-1990.

A native New Mexican, Lewis, a U.S. Army veteran, holds undergraduate degrees in education and business administration and a Master’s degree in public administration.

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