Monday, October 5, 2009

Albuquerque Police Department Innovation Praised

Albuquerque Police Chief Ray Schultz

The Albuquerque Police Department received international recognition today during a session of the International Chief’s of Police Association conference being held in Denver Colorado.

The force was recognized as a semi-finalist along with 24 other police agencies world-wide for the “Webber Seavey Award.” All 24 departments were picked from an international selection of police departments.

The recognition is for APD's Best Practices in police work, specifically in the area of property crime innovations.

The APD innovation addressed the effectiveness in identifying, investigating and prosecuting property crime offenders through increased “Communication and Partnership with Community and the Criminal Justice System Stake-holders”.

Police Chief Raymond D. Schultz pointed out property crimes can quickly become a violent crime:
It is so tragic and common today that property crimes turn violent so very quickly, that we must combat the start of crimes at it’s roots, being property crimes and before they turn deadly.

Property crimes and retail thefts are intrinsically linked and organized retail crime requires APD to become extremely proactive so that property & retail based theft does not further damage a national crippled economy.

Schultz said, “This program illustrates the need for police to engage Community Partners in deploying proactive crime fighting strategies”.

The APD initiative utilizes such approaches as a, “Top 5” offender identification and concentrated enforcement efforts coordinated monthly by all APD Detectives, and follow-up prosecution with the local District Attorneys Office.

High ranking Police Officials mandatory appearances in all “Top 5” sentencing hearings, and very concise measures taking place in our community relationship, their rolls and involvement.

Albuquerque Mayor Martin J. Chavez said, “A partnership with law enforcement, retail owners, and our prosecutors has increased the identification of serial offenders which results in more successful prosecutions”.

Chavez complimented the hard work and cooperative nature that exist every day between the APD and its community:
It is that very special relationship between APD and our citizens that makes Albuquerque one of the finest Cities in the nation to call home for so many families and a destination for so many others seeking this Southwest jewel and the quality of life that exist here in Albuquerque.

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