Thursday, September 24, 2009

Less Splish More Splash

From the morning pile:

Bernalillo County has completely retrofitted their facilities with low water use toilets and fixtures.

“This is part of the Water Conservation Plan for County Facilities that was developed as a means for the County to set a good example for the public and reduce our own use,” says Commission Chair Alan B. Armijo, who running for Albuquerque City Council in District 3.

A total of 580 toilets were replaced with high efficiency or low flow toilets, 700 low flow faucet aerators were installed as well as 220 low flow shower heads, and 50 low flow urinals installed. It took more than two years to complete the retrofits in all of the County’s facilities.

All of this will save almost 4 million gallons of water per year (3,936,890 gallons/year) and we believe that is a conservative estimate. Total cost of the project was $171,250, and after the $77,000 in rebates are applied that total cost will drop to $94,250.

More water could be saved after the Water Resources and Parks Management group completes its plan to Xeriscape outdoor areas.

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