Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Herrera Highlights NM Balloting Standards in D.C.

A Congressional Subcommittee has chosen New Mexico as model of efficient provisional and overseas balloting.

New Mexico Secretary of State Mary Herrera is heading to Capitol Hill on Wednesday. She's been invited to testify about New Mexico’s provisional balloting process and overseas voting process.

Herrera will appear in front of the House Subcommitte on Elections. The hearing begins at 2pm and can be viewed on a streaming video feed here.

Provisional ballots, in the state, ultimately decided the 2008 Democratic Presidential caucus in New Mexico. That vote was certified by the SOS one day before the deadline.

The trip comes just one week after Heath Haussamen reported the Secretary's website was restored after crashing.

The hearing, titled “Examining Uniformity in Election Standards” intends to obtain as much information as possible about the New Mexico program in order to develop a more robust Federal system.

Herrera said New Mexico’s laws and administrative rules have been recognized as the standard for the development of Federal voting-related laws and guidelines:
It is truly an honor for New Mexico to be considered a model for provisional ballot and overseas balloting procedures.
Herrera said she will continue to pursue legislation that assures every New Mexican the ability to vote.
Our legislation has streamlined provisional balloting and simplified the voting process for our citizens who are out of the country during elections.

Prior to the 2008 General Election, The Secretary of State’s Office issued Uniform Administrative Rules through the New Mexico Administrative Code which standardized the qualification and counting of ballots.

In 2008, The New Mexico Secretary of State’s Office procured a partnership with the Federal Voting Assistance Program (FVAP) to design a streamlined voter registration/ballot delivery program.

FVAP simplifies the process for Uniformed Service Members and their Families and other United States Citizens residing overseas to complete their voter registration application and absentee ballot request form.

Photo Credit: Mark Bralley

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