Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Heinrich and County VIPs Visiting Pajarito Mesa Today

Bernalillo County Commissioner Art De La Cruz, County Manager Thaddeus Lucero and Congress Martin Heinrich will be touring Pajarito Mesa today.

Pajarito Mesa overlooks Albuquerque's South Valley and is home to over 250 families who struggle for basic services such as water, electricity, roads, emergency services, and school bus transportation. See freelance photographer Toby Jorrin's slide show and commentary on the area here.

The group of VIP's will tour the area and discuss community issues like crime, formalizing roads, renewable energy, water problems, and the Census 2010.

A news release from Bernalillo County says the purpose of the site tour is for the elected leaders to visit the area along with residents to see and hear from them, first hand regarding some of the living conditions faced on a daily basis.

“While there are many facets to this issue, I consider this tour the beginning of a humanitarian effort reaching out to the Congressman to open up a public dialogue between residents and elected officials,” says Commissioner De La Cruz.

“This first step is critical to explore and discover ways to create opportunities to work together and the potential for identifying measures of support with our Congressman at the federal level of government.

Later this evening, Heinrich will participate in a Veterans Town Hall at New Mexico's Veteran's Memorial park from 530 to 730p.

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