Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Dennis Hopper Named Honorary Mayor of Taos

Actor Dennis Hopper received the key to the Town of Taos from Taos Mayor Darren Cordova. (Photo: Geraint Smith)

On Monday, Taos, New Mexico Mayor Darren Cordova proclaimed America’s favorite boomer Actor/Artist Dennis Hopper the Honorary Mayor of Taos. Hopper returned to Taos for the 2009 Taos Summer of Love (May 4 through September 30.) forty years after the release of his film Easy Rider to curate two art shows at the Harwood Museum of Art.

“Dennis Hopper has been a Taos fixture since the 1960s. He paved the way for independent filmmaking with the release of Easy Rider in 1969 – and has been an acclaimed visual artist pre-dating his film career. It’s an honor to recognize him for his contributions not only to our community, but the entire country, by having him as our honorary Taos ambassador this summer,” said Mayor Cordova.

Easy Rider marked a new direction for film -- and then, as now, mirrors not only the beauty of Taos, but its spirit. Taos has been a draw for travelers for over 1,000 years, and today sees nearly 2 million visitors annually ride away from their daily lives to explore the authentic in Taos.

Hopper at the Harwood:

To mark his years in Taos, his long-time friendships, and the 40th anniversary of the release of Easy Rider, The Harwood Museum of Art, in conjunction with Taos’ “Summer of Love” celebrations, presents “Hopper at the Harwood,” opening May 9th, featuring two exhibitions: one focusing on his work, “Selected Photographs and Paintings” and the other, “Forty Years of Friendship: LA to Taos,” a curatorial expression with the work of Larry Bell, Ron Cooper, Ronald Davis, Ken Price and Robert Dean Stockwell.

The SF Chronical ran this AP on Hopper's art shows on Monday..

Personal Note: I handle tourism PR for Taos.

Go to www.taossummeroflove.com for more information.

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Anonymous said...

Dennis Hopper is the man. I even have the guy on my GPS as a voice I got from a site called Navtones, or Nav-tones.

they do real celebrity voices and Hopper is one of them. For all those who live in Taos they should really get this voice!