Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Foreign Nationals Get NM Ids with Forged Documents.

Yesterday, the New Mexico State Police Investigations Bureau and the New Mexico Taxation and Revenue Department’s Tax Fraud Investigations Division, in an ongoing joint investigation, arrested a fourth person, in less than a week, for providing and making fraudulent documents that investigators believe were helping foreign nationals to obtain NM Driver's licenses.

Agents arrested 36-year-old Martha M. Zamora of Albuquerque in connection with her involvement in the fraudulent scheme on Tuesday.

Zamora was arrested and charged on six (6) Felony Forgery counts. She's is the fourth individual arrested in the last week as a result of a joint investigation by the State Police and New Mexico Taxation and Revenue Department’s Tax Fraud Investigations Division.

Rosa Pardo, Luis Delgado-Valdez and Jorge Alvarez were arrested on April 21. Pardo had been under investigation for several weeks by Tax Fraud Investigations Division agents prior to her arrest.

The scheme consists of individuals providing fraudulent proof of residency documents in the form of rental agreements and affidavits of residency to foreign nationals, which they in turn use to obtain New Mexico Driver’s Licenses.

Taxation and Revenue Department Cabinet Secretary Rick Homans stated,

This is an ongoing investigation that may result in more arrests. Our Department and the New Mexico State Police are aggressively pursuing additional leads and looking, high and low, throughout New Mexico for these types of schemes. The department’s goal is to bring an end to this type of criminal activity; we are dedicating as much staff as necessary to fully investigate these types of cases.
So, I wonder if anyone is getting voter registrations from these folks?

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