Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Another Big Day of Bill Signings.

Governor Bill Richardson is keeping busy. He'll be in downtown Albuquerque this morning. Today, he's signing bills approved by legislators to toughen sentencing for auto thefts and DWI and another to give firefighters protection from occupational diseases. Later he's expected to sign legislation on meth abuse, domestic violence and even a measure prohibiting importing, transporting, breeding, or selling a live feral hog.

New Mexico ranks as one of the 10 worst out of more than 350 metro areas. But a new law, which will take effect July 1st, is being signed by the Governor today. It's aimed at changing that. Supporters hope strengthening laws will deter criminals by increases sentencing for those caught stealing vehicles.

The law changes with each conviction. Every time a person is convicted of stealing a car, the longer he or she will spend in jail.

State Rep. Bill Rehm from Albuquerque said, "It's going to take a while for the word to get out. And for the thieves to understand that the second time, you're going to jail for three years. The second time, nine years."

The Albuquerque's Chamber of Commerce lobbied for the bill and said getting off the top of the most stolen list would make the city more attractive to potential businesses.

Firefighter Occupational Disease Coverage

This morning, at AFD Station #1 in downtown Albuquerque, the governor will sign a bill sponsored by Sen. Michael Sanchez (D-Valencia). The bill provides an occupational disease presumtion for full time non-volunteer fire fighters for the purpose of making Workers Comp claims. The diseases covered are eleven cancers and five infectious disease. All have volumes of medical data linking our incidence of exposure to increased risk.

Complete coverage throughout the day on News Radio 770KKOB.

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