Monday, April 20, 2009

Albuquerque Mayor Offers Councilors Compromise

Mayor Martin Chavez, who will likely face voters and stand for re-election this Fall, appears to be trying to mend frayed relations with Albuquerque City Councilors. They reacted bitterly when Chavez stated he would rigorously recognize a city charter mandated deadline for council action on his proposed Capital Improvement Program (CIP).

On Monday, he sent a letter to City Council President Isaac Benton outlining two compromises he's willing to consider.

Marjorie Childress wrote about the turf war between the Mayor and councilors in this piece posted on the New Mexico Independent last week.

You can read Mayor Chavez' letter to Benton here.

Mayors Compromise 42009

City Attorney Bob White told Childress last week that because the City Council approved the CIP about 90 days after it was introduced on January 5th the Mayor’s original proposal would automatically take effect.

But today, Chavez writes that taxpayers don't want to see lawsuits start flying and that in the "spirit of compromise" he's willing to append a floor amendment agreeable to councilors. It does not include the $6.48 million Tingley Beach swimming lagoon Chavez had originally requested.

Less than a week after the turf battle erupted it appears the mayor is willing to give councilors some wiggle room because he wants every penny of CIP money spent believing it will stimulate the local economy.

Alternatively, Chavez proposes a second compromise with Benton: An entirely new CIP amendment reflected in documents we did not receive.


KOB TV reported on Monday night that it appears the Mayor and Council are still destined for a court battle.

Photo credit: MG Bralley . Read Bralley's new blog post on lobbying and the tax exempt status of local non-profit groups here.

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