Monday, March 2, 2009

Denish's Children Cabinet Days Kickoff Today.

Lt. Governor Diane Denish says she'll emphasize long-term value of early childhood investments during her annual Children's Cabinet Roundup this week.

At noon today, Denish launched three days of aggressive advocacy for investments in New Mexico’s youth.

We spoke with Denish this morning. She tells us statewide budget cuts are not impacting most of the children's programs.

"Actually in some of our areas, voluntary pre-K, and others have been held very stable, we actually have some very small increases. We are concerened about some cuts to our Americorp programs that help implement these programs. Primarily, we want to say, now is not the time to pull back on these investments that we've been making over the last six years."

She tells us her top three priorities for the Children's Cabinet includes preventing school dropouts, home visiting, early childhood education programs, and before and after school programs which includes development and mentoring.

"This keeps kids in school," said Lt. Governor Denish. "It gives them a good start. It helps them stay in school and be productive citizens. It's a huge impact on the community. We want to prevent dropouts which is our number one priority."

Denish will be joined by Helen Blank, Director of Leadership and Public Policy of the National Women’s Law Center, Economic Development Secretary Fred Mondragon, and Secretary of Children, Youth, and Families, Dorian Dodson.

Together they will tout the long-term value of investments in youth development.

Each day of the Children's Cabinet will have a specific focus:

  • Monday, March 2, will start the advocacy effort for early childhood initiatives.

    Tuesday, March 3, will focus on school-age youth and adolescents.

    Wednesday, March 4, will be dedicated to early adulthood.

The Lt. Governors Children’s Cabinet Days in the Roundhouse will draw national leaders, cabinet secretaries, over 50 community organizations, and youth advocates statewide.

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