Wednesday, February 11, 2009


Hispanos Unidos will run two cable television ads on Comcast statewide beginning tomorrow.

Here is one of ads the group say highlights voter fraud legislation in New Mexico.

The ads endorse Voter ID, HB 591 (Dianne Hamilton, Grant, Sierra, Hidalgo) and explain the voter fraud associated with Same Day Registration, HB 52, (Jim Trujillo, Santa Fe) HB 395 (Joseph Cervantes, Dona Ana).

Victor Contreras, Chairman of Hispanos Unidos encourages New Mexicans to contact their legislators about these bills, taking a stand against increasing voter fraud in New Mexico. “We have volunteers who have uncovered profound voter fraud and voter disenfranchisement in Dona Ana County.” Contreras said, “We need to stand up with one voice to demand that our elections include all New Mexicans, and only New Mexicans.”


Santa Fe-based political journalist Steve Terrell published an article reviewing the ad and profiling the group behind it here.

Terrell talked Rep. Joe Cervantesto who said allegations of fraud by the GOP are merit less.

Rep. Joe Cervantes, D-Las Cruces, who is sponsoring one of two same-day registration bills in the House, said, "the allegations of voter fraud in Doña Ana County have been made for years and are baseless." He said the charges, made by Republicans in his area, "never brought up evidence of a single fraudulent vote or voter."

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Michael said...

Just saw this ad and its really, really bad - it totally misrepresents what that law would do -

The ad suggests that bus loads of Folks, no doubt evil Mexicans, will be showing up at the polls to vote for the nasty Anti-American Democrats.

The truth is that while you can show up and vote you will cast a provisional ballot that won't be counted until you are legally registered as a voter. Now the ad doesn't say this but truth is not the issue here. This ad is meant to scare folks not inform them.

Since there are existing laws that deal with voting illegally anybody that cast a fraudulent ballot would be facing prosecution and jail time for their efforts.

Of course the ad doesn't tell you this but again truth isn't the issue here.

The ad is just an extension of the usual Republican reframe that there is mass voter fraud in New Mexico and all the Democrats want to do is make things worse. It would help the Republican's cause if they could point out a bunch of cases where illegal voting actually had occurred over the last few years but since they can't they just keep the drum beat going.