Monday, February 23, 2009

First Republican Candidate Jumps Into Mayoral Race.

On Monday evening, New Mexico businessman and State Representative Richard "RJ" Berry (R-Albuquerque Dist #20) announced on Jim Villanucci talk show program that he will run for Mayor of Albuquerque.

From a campaign news release:

"Now more than ever, Americans across the country are watching their wallets and expecting their elected officials to do the same. Those of us in Albuquerque are no different. We are at a crossroads when it comes to government. We can either choose to adopt the bailout mentality that looks to a big and powerful government for everything, or we can choose to have a limited and responsible government that spends within its means and helps provide an environment where small businesses can flourish and create jobs on their own. As Mayor, I will restore fiscal discipline to City Hall and focus on policies that will help small businesses create jobs.

Richard J. Berry is a businessman and entrepreneur with over twenty years of real business experience here in New Mexico and the greater Southwest region. He and his wife Maria own and operate Cumbre Construction, Inc., a multi-award winning business.

In addition to cutting wasteful spending and creating jobs, Berry also said he will also focus on cracking down on crime and ethics in government.

Berry received his B.A. in Finance from the University of New Mexico in 1985. While in college he lettered in track and field and specialized in the decathlon while working his way through college on an athletic scholarship.

In 2006, Berry was elected to the State House of Representatives where he now serves on the Appropriations Committee and the Transportation and Public Works Committee.

Albuquerque is a great city and we have a bright future. As mayor, I will strive for efficient government and responsible leadership. I will work to promote an inclusive and optimistic vision for Albuquerque, one driven by bold ideas, but tempered with pragmatism and common sense.

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